ASH Review Course On Demand

The ASH Clinical Hypertension Review Course is a comprehensive immersion in evidence-based treatment strategies for hypertension and related diseases. Now the content of this course is available in a self-study digital program with the all new ASH Review Course On Demand.

ASH Review Course On Demand contains 18 hours of presentations designed to help health care professionals in this field achieve the core competencies of a Clinical Hypertension Specialist while also serving as a resource for those preparing to take the Qualifying Examination for Specialists in Clinical Hypertension.

ASH Review Course On Demand delivers an entirely new experience with the following features:

  • Convenient online access on a PC, Mac, iPad and most other mobile devices
  • Advanced browse and search capabilities make it easy to find the content you want
    • Search any word on the slides and immediately navigate to that part of presentation
    • Bookmark your favorite presentations
    • View Most Watched and Most Liked presentations
  • Downloadable PDF's of slides and MP3 audio files
  • CME available
  • Portable USB drive for offline viewing1

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